Stereo profile KLR 18

bcm's manual flexo stereo or printing plate storage is the ideal solution if you lack space and need compact storage. bcm offers a wide range of different types and sizes of profiles, e.g., ASP8, KLR-12, KLR-15, KLR-18, KLR-21 and ME-18.

The KLR-18 profile can store 18 printing plates per profile. All bcm transtech KLR-profiles have a design that matches the Matthew strip.

bcm’s manual standard module can have as many as 15 profiles per standard module, meaning that the KLR-18 profile can store 270 printing plates per module. One module has the width of app. 2.800 mm.

KLR18 a bcm designed profile for 18 printing plates / flexo stereos

Product description

Item number: 5000278

The stereo profiles can be ordered in aluminum. In addition, the stereo profiles can be cut to facilitate operation when you connect a flexo-stereo to the stereo profile. If you combine a bcm storage with our transport trolleys, it is easy to manually push the flexo-steres or printing plates onto the transport trolleys for safe and efficient transport between storage and production.

Customers often choose this profile when they have smaller and partly light printing plates with almost no print patterns and no thick layers. In such cases no particular distance between the printing plates or flexo stereos (Cliché’s) is necessary, and our customers achieve this with the KLR-18 profile.

front view of bcm designed profile KLR18 for 18 printing plates / flexo stereos

KLR18 a bcm designed profile for 18 printing plates / flexo stereos

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