Cliché storage solution


       “Corrugated industry” – Multiple storage installations of many kinds at the same customer.

However, this customer has bcm’s first semi-automatic front mounted printing plate storage.

In a one-rack system our customer can have printing plates in multiple levels and have

smart bcm-software to aid the operator when collecting and returning printing plates.

The product name of this system is: bcm SmartStorage P1, F-type.


Due to a growing demand of storage for printing plates, this customer was looking for an extension with bcm. Since many years this corrugated factory has been a customer of bcm and they have already a large variation of flatbed die, rotary die and manual printing plate storages on several locations in their factory. In order to not have so much logistic to handle and also space for expansion in the future, the customer wanted to have something on a new and good technological level and also with a large capacity, easy accessibility and a position just next to the ink kitchen, which is very smart.

Solution 1: bcm SmartStorage P1, F-type

This particular solution is the first of its kind from bcm. A semi-automatic printing plate storage with a front-mounted crane on a single rack storage solution. As always this storage solution is 100% customized by bcm transtech to fit this particular location and the need of the customer. The new semi-automatic technology from bcm transtech was chosen, as it is still very easy to operate manually, but with a lot of smart and supporting software functions and operational safety.

semi-automatic storage solution for printing plates
semi-automatic printing plate storage

Operation of bcm SmartStorage P1, F-type

The crane is pushed manually by the operator. In principle similar to the manual cranes from bcm transtech, which are now called bcm PrimeStorage. However, in the semi-automatic version like this, all printing plates have been registered in the system of the storage. This means that the storage knows exactly where all dies are in the storage, which is a big advantage in both collection and returning the printing plates. When the operator types in the printing plates he needs, the system tells him where to move to with the crane. On the monitor the operator can even see exactly when he is in the right spot and when he is then ready to collect or return the printing plates. This bcm SmartStorage solution is available with several extra smart software options. As standard is has remote access devices installed for on-line support, a industrial pc, database and mechanical equipment making this system far superior to the bcm PrimeStorage is many ways.  ​​​​​​​

Loading and unloading the trolley  

In the front-mounted crane systems from bcm, this being bcm SmartStorages or bcm PrimeStorage, the trolleys for the dies, or as in this example the printing plates, are always positioned inside the storage in a garage for the trolleys. The trolley has a fix position in the garage, thus the software and control system of the storage always know exactly where the trolley is and where and how to deliver and collect. As with the storage, the software control system does not allow the operator to make any mistakes and assist the operator in correct positioning in the trolley. The trolley itself is on wheels and very easy to push by the operator.

bcm operator loading and unloading the trolley in the smartstorage for printing plates