flat bed die solution


      "Corrugated industry” – 5 levels high full-automatic flatbed die storage at Klingele Hilpoltstein in Germany,

delivered by bcm transtech a/s in Denmark.

Among others a very special garage solution is developed uniquely for this full-automatic storage.


The situation:

The customer is Klingele Hilpoltstein in South Germany near Nürnberg. A private and visionary company, owned and run by the Klingele family, celebrating their 100 year anniversary in 2020, and a company that is extremely focused on smartness, effectivity and quality in all processes. And it shows in the results. When a new storage solution was needed, basically installed in the basement, but raising above ground level in the factory, bcm transtech was chosen as project partner and installed in 2019 a full-automatic storage system for the storage of flatbed dies. 

Facts about the installation

The title “No. 1 in Germany” refers to:

  • The family Klingele – a visionary family owned group of production companies within the corrugated packaging industry in Germany and in Europe.
  • Their full-automatic bcm storage for their flatbed dies being the first of its kind in Germany in the corrugated industry.
  • The 5-level flatbed die bcm storage which is more than 7 meters high, is the highest full-automatic bcm flatbed die storage system in Europe (installed in 2019).
  • This full-automatic robot storage by bcm serves several die cutting machines in several shifts of dies for the entire production, which secures high productivity and very low level of operator intervention.  
cassettes and flatbed dies placed in full-automatic storage
full-automatic double rack storage solution for flatbed dies

The Solution” - bcm AutoStorage F2, T-type (Full-automatic) ​​​​​​​

bcm full-automatic flat bed die storage facts:

  • 1152 cassettes in the storage.
  • 50/50% shared between Mastercut 2.1 dies and Bobst 1600.
  • Approx. 7 meters in height.
  • 35 meters in length.
  • bcm cassettes in 5 levels.
  • Special designed garage in “mid-level” at factory ground floor
  • Only few hours operator time to serve 3 shifts of production

Installation in a basement and the entire storage solution is customized within a millimeter of accuracy and tolerance to fit in the dedicated space and achieve the necessary capacity. The room was first 3D-Scanned by bcm transtech.

Operation of bcm SmartStorage P1, F-type

All commands for the storage can be done easily by any operator without certain skills after just a few hours training. All commands are given on a touch panel pc in the operator room, which is situated just at the garage for the trolleys

When the bcm storage robot is working inside the storage and driving its long distances in quite high speed, the operator can follow both the position of the bcm storage robot and see everything through live video camera on the touch display.

And naturally bcm has any kind of online access devices for immediate and smart support in place. This ensures Klingele that whenever there should be a problem, questions, or maybe even new ideas, bcm can act fast and effectively and help out the operator.      

Uniqueness of this installation:

The installation is in the basement of the factory in a quite dark room, which is no problem, as the bcm storage robot works easily in complete darkness due to a large range of intelligence, sensors, lasers etc. All connected in bcm’s own software platform.* (the pictures in this article have been added extra light for the purpose of the photograph)

As the entire storage area is completely closed for human access due to safety reasons, bcm had to find a special way to get the trolleys in and out of the storage area, as they had to arrive at the storage behind a wall. A very smart device for letting the trolleys enter the garage was developed. The trolleys are “slid” into the garage and moved forward and are actually “hanging” with the front wheels out in free air. A unique and new solution that only fits this installation and never done before elsewhere.

Though the storage is in the basement, it is connected to the production area via a gate in the upper right corner of the storage area. In this area bcm has installed a unique garage where the trolleys can collect and return the dies.      

one of the racks in a full-automatic storage for flatbed dies


Klingele and bcm believes that this installation is a very fine example of how a visionary customer and their technological highly advanced supplier can work together to carry out a very ambitious and future oriented project with a great benefit as the final result. Since the installation at Klingele Hiltpoltstein in 2019, bcm has delivered numerous other full-automatic storage solutions for customers in the corrugated industry all over the world.