Customer cases

Below you’ll find a few cases of bcm transtech’s many installations all over the world and for many

type of customers giving a large variety of customized storage solutions.

One factory, three full-automatic bcm storages

One of bcm’s largest and full-automatic

installations with 3 full-automatic storages

Manual bcm storage for flatbed dies

Since 1996 bcm have sold hundreds of our manual

flat bed die storage the “bcm AutoStorage F2, T-type"

Semi-automatic bcm storage for printing plate

​​​​​​​Space effective and extremely easy operation with

semi-automatic printing plate storage from bcm.

bcm sleeve storage, flexible packaging industry

One of two solutions from bcm transtech

how to store sleeves in the flexible packaging industry.

bcm Mobilator for heavy dies lifting

Let the bcm Mobilator do the heavy lifting

lifting and change your large dies in only a few minutes.

bcm FBD storage, folding carton industry

​​​​​​​Full-automatic cassettes storage of

flat bed dies in the folding carton industry.

Multiple bcm storages at Viallon, France

When the need is big and space is limited, bcm transtech

is the partner you want to develop your storage area with.

Klingele, bcm full-automatic FBD storage

Experience our robot-like full-automatic flat bed die

storage from the “inside” of the storage in action.