Corrugated industry

Full-automatic storages


           " Corrugated industry” - Large installation with multiple storage solutions at the same site:              

bcm PrimeRack for manual handling of vertical hanging rotary dies, bcm PrimeRack for printing

plates/stereos, 3 x full-automatic bcm AutoStorages, one for flat bed dies and two for rotary dies."


The customer wanted to have the entire storage area on a mezzanine as the production flows under it, from corrugator to the converting lines. The customer has all types of dies and printing plates that needs to be stored correctly and easy to find again. At this site, which is a very big, corrugated factory, bcm has installed several types of storage solutions in order to fit everything on the mezzanine and accommodate the very large variation in types and sizes of dies and printing plates.

Solution 1: bcm AutoStorage R1, F-type

For one specific size and type of rotary dies, bcm has installed a bcm AutoStorage, R1

F-type (full-automatic rotary die storage, one rack, a front mounted crane robot). As this storage is on the mezzanine, it is quite long and not so high due to the height restrictions on the mezzanine.

Due to the position on the mezzanine, the garage for this storage is placed at the end of the rack, giving the “robot” quite a long travel time from the end to the garage. Thus, in such case it is very important to organize the most frequent used tools close to the garage. bcm has software options available which can support this work. Please consult your bcm team or local agent for more information.

In the area of this storage, the operator panel is placed, as this is the most central position. From here all three full-automatic storages can be monitored and operated. However, each solution does also have their own individual operator panel.

full-automatic single rack rotary die storage
full-automatic double rack storage solution for rotary dies

Solution 2: bcm AutoStorage R2, T-type

For the larger rotary dies, bcm has build a bcm AutoStorage R2, T-type (full-automatic storage, two racks, an overhead crane robot covering both racks) on a neighbor location at the end of the mezzanine where the roof height is higher. Thus, this storage does not have a long travel to pick up the dies, but is using the height to store more dies on a smaller footprint. And the bcm crane robot can both move in X and Z direction at the same time, thus travel time between rack and garage is therefore limited.

Also in this case the garage is placed at the end of the storage system. Thus, the same software options to organize and get an overview of the most frequent used dies might also be interesting in this situation.

Solution 3: bcm AutoStorage F2, T-type

Also placed on the mezzanine we find the longest storage system ever installed by bcm. It is impressive 120 meters long and has dies in cassettes in three (3) levels. In a situation with long storages, no matter type and height, bcm will always recommend to have a full-automatic storage, as such a storage is just much faster than a manually moved crane. Also, we see that over time, operators get tired and time is not spend optimal, if they must walk too long a distance to pick up dies. Again, as in solution 1 and 2, this garage is also placed at the end, very close to the garage of solution 1 above. Thus, the same effectivity rules apply and it is really a lot of time saved if the most frequent dies are located closest to the garage.

full-automatic flatbed die storage solution
bcm primerack for clichés / printing plates

bcm PrimeRack for clichés/rotary dies

Along the long aisle and with the back of the racks to the wall of the mezzanine, bcm has installed a large number of racks for manual picking up the printing plates corresponding to the dies collected by the robot cranes in the above 3 mentioned solutions. Bcm has a large variation of types and sizes of profiles and racks for printing plates and each solution is customized to fit the space of the customer.

As with the manual rack for printing plates, the customer also has several racks of vertically hanging rotary die racks. This system still gives a great overview and is using the space available very effectively in a very cost effective way. This rack is available in both a 1 and 2 rack system, depending if the customer wants to access the rotary dies from only one side or two sides