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Most sold storage system

by bcm transtech


       “Corrugated industry” – Probably the most sold storage system in the history of bcm transtech

Two racks for flat bed dies and a manual operated crane moving between the two racks.

Very standard and very easy to use with a high value for money rate.


The situation:

As many other customers not yet equipped with a storage solution from bcm, this customer also had their own “home-made” storage systems for their flatbed dies, printing plates etc. A few years ago, the budget for a better organized flat bed die storage was approved and bcm transtech delivered the manual storage system, which today has the name “bcm PrimeStorage, F2 T-type”. As the name “Prime” indicates this is bcm’s first storage, the most sold, and a prime quality for money solution. F2 says it is two racks of flatbed dies and T-type refers to the crane type, which is an overhead crane running on rails on both racks and working between the two racks.

The solution: bcm PrimeStorage F2, T-type

(Manual storage)

This storage solution has three levels. Though, the customer couldn’t fill the entire storage from the beginning, they have all the positions they need for future expansions and are now well organized and ready to store future higher quantities of flat bed dies. Customers of bcm can always start with just getting the rack itself installed, but without all frames and cassettes if this is preferred. This procedure could be due to reason of budget or flexibility for future changes. Frames and cassettes for flat bed die storage can always be supplied at a later stage by bcm.

manuel double rack storage solution for flatbed dies
operator panel of manuel flatbed die crane

Operation of bcm PrimeStorage F2, T-type

It is extremely simple to operate this storage system. Two racks of flat bed dies are nicely organized in a very small area and the crane is running in the middle. The operator manually pushes the crane to the position or location where he needs to go. The crane is positioned 90 degrees to the rack pointing directly into the storage. The lifting unit is driven into position both in height and proximity to the cassette needed. This is done by simple pushbuttons and the operator has cameras to support during operation to judge the position, distance, heights etc.  

Safe operation for both dies and rack system

When the operator collects the flatbed dies from the storage, they are well organized and kept safe in the bcm designed cassettes. When lifting the cassettes out of the storage, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure they are not lifted too high, as they will then hit the next level and damage both the cassettes and the dies. The operator has the cameras on the crane to assist with this, which are especially useful with high storages where the operator can’t see the details from the floor. However, damages can easily be avoided by just normal operation. An alternative to this system, is to buy or up-grade to the next level of storage system, our semi-automatic version, the “bcm SmartStorage F2, T-type”. This storage system has software to automatically control location position and also automatic lifting and lowering of the cassettes. Read more here….(henvisning til SmartStorage lageret).  

flatbed die gripper on manual flatebed die crane
bcm operator controlling the manual flatbed die crane

Trolleys and logistics

When the cassettes with the dies are going to be brought to the converting machines, typically Bobst 1600, Bobst Mastercut 1,7 and 2,1 or any other flat bed die type, this is also very simple and easy. Bcm transtech has designed a range of standard trolleys to bring dies and printing plates to the converting machines for production and back again to the storage. The standard trolley for cassettes holds 3-4 cassettes and is brought into the storage by the operator. When retrieving the cassettes from the storage, the operator immediately just put the cassettes onto the trolley. The cassettes are also easy to take from the trolley and return into the storage system. The trolleys have wheel breaks for this task. Otherwise, the trolleys on wheels are very easy to push around in the factory by just one person.

Benefit of the bcm storage solution

It has been of great value to the customer to get the bcm storage installed. Not only are all dies very safely kept now, but they are also extremely good organized and easy to find. Especially the last point about the organization of the dies and finding them easily again has been of great value to this customer. Savings are always very difficult to count, as they are often indirect and related to many factors. But the clear answer on this case, as with many other of bcm’s customers is, that there is a lot of time and frustrations saved by implementing a bcm storage solution.

close-up of one of the cameras at the manual flatbed die crane