Cleanflex washing machine for printing plates

CLEANFlex washing machine

  • Automatic washing process of stereos

  • Ulimited capacity, all sizes of stereos

bcm elevator for mezzanines

Elevator for Mezzanine

  • bcm special designed tool elevator

  • Use to transport tools between levels

UV cabinet to store and protect stereos

Stereo UV cabinet  

  • UV cabinet with profiles for stereos

  • Multiple cabinets can be connected

bcm foldable cassette to store flatbed dies

bcm FBD Cassette

  • Lowest two levels with drawers

  • Double die trolley, easy to push

red die spacer to separate rotary dies

Die Spacer

  • bcm die spacer, flexible material

  • Useful between two dies

bcm double rotary die trolley with up to 6 dies

Number signs

  • Gives a perfect overview in the storage

  • Important support for the operator

id tags for all bcm automatic storages

Id tags

  • Used for all bcm automatic storages

  • ID tag on all tools and ASP8 profile

lift for bcm flat bed die racks

bcm primelift

  • Special bcm lift for FBD racks

  • One lift for several racks

wall covering to protect the bcm storage

Wall covering

  • Perfect for the harsh enviroment

  • Protects your bcm storage

mini rail cart with hook for vertical rotary die storage

Mini Rail Cart (with hook)

  • One hook per rotary die, max 40kg

  • Very easy running system for RD