Vertical Transport Unit

Our mezzanine Vertical Transport Unit. is the ideal solution when you need to transport cutting dies, flexo stereos or printing sleeves between floor levels inside the factory. Specifically, the vertical transport unit. ensures easy, safe and efficient transport of production material, such as dies and printing plates, between storage and production areas when they are situated on different floors. On this basis, the operators can easily use the vertical transport unit. to reduce the transportation time and avoid damage to the production material or themselves during transport.

Mezzanine elevator for dies and printing plates

Product description

This electric elevator is specially designed for manufacturers who need to transport tools up to a mezzanine.

It is designed so that a bcm-designed trolley with tools fits perfectly inside it. Please note that this is not intended to carry people. It helps to make work more efficient as you can transport several rotary dies at a time and helps to improve the working environment.

If the customer has the bcm storage on a mezzanine, which is on top of the converting line where dies and printing plates are needed, we recommend to have multiple elevators. With one elevator between each two converting machines, flat bed, die or rotary die cutters, it serves two machines and the customer avoids needing transportation of tools in the production level.

bcm transtech is ready to guide you to the perfect solution and can make an elevator-storage solution that meets your needs and criteria. Please contact bcm directly or your local agent via the “Contact” page on our web-site.

Item number:5025775

  • Height: up to 8000 mm

  • Lenght: costummade

  • Width: custommade

  • Capasity: up to 1000 kg

front view of mezzanine elevator for dies and printing plates
side view of mezzanine elevator for dies and printing plates
Mezzanine elevator with trolley inside
Mezzanine elevator with the door open ready to receive the trolley with rotary dies
the operator drives the trolley into the mezzanine elevator

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