bcm PrimeRack R1-2, MV-type

A vertical rotary die storage is a price-friendly alternative to storing your rotary dies on the ground. The storage consists of a robust rack system that holds your rotary dies vertically. It is constructed in a way that ensures safe and simple handling of the rotary die sets so the knives and rubber are protected during storage.

This storage is normally used by our customers when they want a small quantity of rotary dies next to one specific rotary die cutter in the production hall.

manual vertical rotary die storage for rotary dies

Product description

bcm's vertical rotary die storage is easy to install and can be moved to other locations if desired. You can place the vertical system close to the converting machine. The manual storage can store rotary dies up to 3000 mm in length.Specifically, each storage position has a number sign to assist the operators in easily finding the correct storage location for every rotary die. Lastly, you can use the trolley separator tool to create space between each rotary die when they need to be transported between storage and production.

The storage structure is built mainly from galvanized steel, the same material as all our other storages.bcm’s vertical storage can be built with a row or two rows, depending on how much space you have.

The rotary dies hang in bcm’s single hooks for rotary dies. There are two different hooks – one for maximum Ø 300 and one for maximum Ø 487 in the inside diameter.


Item number: 5021225

  • Tools: Rotary dies

  • Rows: 1 or 2

  • Height: Adjustable according to size of dies to store

  • Automation level: Manual

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