PrimeRack R1, MH-type (horizontal)

Our manual rotary die storage is the ideal solution when you need a compact storage near the production area that contains your frequently used rotary dies. The storage consists of a robust and highly customizable rack system with mounted shelves to rotary dies, which can contain a lot dies naturally laying and well-protected rotary die. The type of the rotary die needed depends on how many dies you can store in one column. The ideal setup depends on the rotary dies backing, the operator comfort and the capacity.

Manual rotary die storage, horizontal

Product description

This manual single rack storage for rotary dies is very useful if you don’t have the required space for two racks. The single rack system is very useful if you have a small floor or a free wall area but traffic in the aisle or corridor. This storage is suitable for either single rotary dies or double dies on the shelf. Customers can choose what they prefer in almost all cases, however, we suggest that small rotary dies are arranged in our manual vertical hanging storage.

See more under bcm PrimeRack R1-2, MV-type.


Item number:  5035505​​​​​​​

  • Tools:  Rotary dies

  • Rows: limitless

  • Height: Adjustable according to size of dies to store

  • Automation level: Manual

front view of manual rotary die storage, filled with rotary dies

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