ID tags

bcm AutoStorages (full-automatic) use ID tag systems to manage every tool registered in the storage. The operators program and print the ID tags when they add new tools to the storage. In this way each tool gets their own individual location in the storage. This location is shared via the database from the bcm PC and to the customer.

When a transport trolley is placed in a designated garage, it is scanned and identified. The computer holds the information of ingoing and outgoing tools. When the bcm robot crane retrieves a tool, it scans the ID tag and is thereby limited to certain trollies and locations in the storage. ID tags are exclusively used as standard for bcm AutoStorages only but can optionally be added to bcm SmartStorage.

Please contact bcm transtech for further information.

Id tag system for AutoStorage and SmartStorage

RFID tag
full-automatic storage solution covered with wall covering
wall covering around bcm storage - the covering is made out of steel sheet cladding

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