Number signs

Having an overview of every tool stored is critical for efficient tool handling. Finding stored tools is less time consuming for the operators if the storage is organized with number signs for every position.

Place the tools in a bcm storage that fits your needs, use number signs to keep track of every tool’s position and eliminate any unnecessary waste of time. Number signs are simply indispensable for a factory’s logistics. The numbers signs can be delivered with labels that fit your specific system. Many customers also make their own systems.

Numbersign that gives overview of every stored tool

Product description

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bcm PrimeStorages (manual storages) use number signs for every single location with the operator manually moving the crane into position according to what tools the operator needs to find for each specific production order. Smart cameras guide and support the operator when retrieving and returning the tools.

bcm SmartStorages (semi-automatic storages) can also be with manual number signs, but all new bcm SmartStorages come with both a PC and a database. Thus, all tools have a specific location in the storage, and once each die or printing plates is placed on their individual location in the storage system, this location will never change and the semi-automatic bcm crane will guide the operator in finding the correct location every time.

bcm AutoStorages (full-automatic) exclusively have the tool registration in a database and each tool has their unique location. Here the operator has no task in finding the dies and printing plates as the bcm robot crane does all this automatically. Each object in the storage has an ID-tag of some kind, enabling the robot to identify each tool when collecting and retrieving objects.


Numbersign label for stereos / Printing Plates
Numbersign plate for stereos / Printing plates
Numbersign label for rotary dies
Numbersign plate for rotary dies

Numbersigns at rotary die storage
Numbersigns at printing plate storage

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