bcm PrimeLift is one of bcm’s most sold products in the corrugated industry.

bcm PrimeLift is an ideal solution for those manufacturers who have limited ceiling height. The customer can handle their flatbed dies safely with bcm’s PrimeLift, as they are safe behind the steel grille mounted on the PrimeLift.

Many of bcm's customers choose this solution if they want to optimize their production by placing a storage close to the converting machines. Placing the storage for flat bed dies with a bcm PrimeLift helps to increase the efficiency of production as you reduce the transport time from storage to the machine. You can position the PrimeLift with a flatbed die storage right next to the converting machines if you wish. This can increase the efficiency of production with the tools close to the machine.

bcm PrimeLift, a manual lift for flatbed dies in bcm storage rack system

Product description

The bcm PrimeLift ensures maximum maneuverability, drivability and safety with integrated functions that quickly reduce speed by 80 %. bcm’s PrimeLift has 5 contact points that ensure perfect grip between the wheels and the floor.

For bcm transtech, the safety of operators is the main requirement. The complete safety equipment includes regular safety fairing, mast mesh guards and emergency buttons as well as specific safety systems such as:

Crush resistance: Integrated in the rudder head, this device has been designed to avoid operator crushing regardless of his/her position and build.

Operator presence detection: This avoids the accidental activation of the start-up controls; thus, the lift truck can only be activated when the operator is in the driving position guaranteed by a minimum angle of inclination of the rudder with respect to the vertical axis.

Turtle function: By simple pressing one button, it is possible to reduce speed by 80 % to work in total safety conditions even in narrow spaces or with delicate loads.

Item number: 5029510

  • Tools: Flat bed dies in cassettes only

  • Color:  grey and blue

  • Height: 3500 mm

  • Levels: 1-3

  • Number of racks: ​​​​​​​limitless

side view of bcm PrimeLift, a manual lift for flatbed dies in bcm storage rack system
Front view of bcm PrimeLift, a manual lift for flatbed dies in bcm storage rack system
Operator drives the bcm Primelift, to take a cassette from the storage
Operator with the bcm PrimeLift with a cassette with flat bed dies on the lift
Operator shows how to drive the PirmeLift

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