bcm foldable cassette

When bcm transtech started their adventure in the corrugated industry back in 1996, the first product of all was the cassette for flatbed dies. A local corrugator plant had it for a test and they just loved it. In 1999 bcm won an award for the second most innovative technology at the FEFCO conference in Nice, France, for this cassette.

Since then, the bcm-designed cassette has been developed in multiple steps by bcm – and copied by many too. However, the original bcm-designed cassette for flatbed dies is still today a famous and valuable product in the corrugated industry.

Product description

The bcm B1621 cassette is the most sold cassette in the corrugated industry and its popularity is easy to understand. Our customers receive an effective and well-organized storage system with this B1621 cassette where flatbed dies can be sorted in a large variety of ways.

The cassette is foldable and is incredibly easy to assemble. Shipping of a foldable cassette saves transportation costs and space too. Thus, the bcm cassette has a smaller impact on the environment compared to a non-foldable cassette.

The structure is built from galvanized steel and has cut-outs in the bottom in order to ensure water passage in case of sprinkler protection during fire.

Contact bcm to design a customized cassette for your storage.

Item number: 5000026

Standard dimensions


  • Length: 1502,5 mm

  • Width: 174,1 mm

  • Height: 1045 mm

  • Weight: 13,42 kg

  • Max load: 150 kg

end view picture of a bcm foldable cassette for flat bed dies
bottom view picture of a bcm foldable cassette for flat bed dies
side view picture of a bcm foldable cassette for flat bed dies
bcm foldable cassette with one assembled cassette and one unfolded
bcm foldable cassette with flatbed die cutting tools
bcm foldable cassette and flat bed dies lifted by a bcm PrimeStorage crane

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