Printing plate trolley

Safe and efficient transport of printing plate with adjustable height between storage and production.

The bcm trolley for printing plates is constructed to ensure a safe and efficient transport of the printing plates between the storage and the converting lines in the production. They can be designed to fit the customer’s requirements and built to contain cutting dies, flexo stereos/printing plates and ink buckets so the operator can reduce the transportation time between storage and production. Specifically, the operator has easy access to all the tools so that the trolleys can be efficiently loaded and unloaded.

Contact bcm to design a customized trolley for your storage.

bcm trolley for printing plates / clichés / stereos

Product description

The trolley for printing plates is easy to operate and move due to durable and light weight construction of uni-profiles. It contains your entire production set of printing plates in one unit for safe, simple and efficient handling of printing plates. The trolley has large rubber wheels with front-mounted brakes ensure stable and safe operation. Uni-profiles are maintenance-free and easy to keep clean.

Bcm’s standard trolley for printing plates/flexo stereos are available in our standard lengths of 1200 – 3200 mm. The trolley is adjustable in height from 1908 – 2436 mm.

The printing plate trolleys with adjustable height are supplied without profiles but will be offered when you have a dialogue with bcm sales department.

The trolleys are supplied unassembled but can be assembled at an additional cost.


Item number: 1002801 - 1002820

  • Width:  1142 mm

  • Lenght:  1200 - 3200 mm

  • Height: 1908 - 2436 mm

  • Number of profiles:  4



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end view of printing plate trolley
side view of printing plate trolley

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