SmartStorage P1, F-type

The bcm SmartStorage is an upgraded and smarter version of the bcm PrimeStorage with a touchscreen PC, remote access devices and several software features, and with more software options available. All bcm SmartStorage solutions have software to aid the operator with automatic location identification and semi-automatic functions to ensure correct pick-and-place of all dies and printing plates.

The bcm SmartStorage is still a manually moved craned. However, the operator gets assistance from the software to help in not making mistakes in either storing or operation of the equipment.

Software options such as “Report Module”, “Industry 4.0” and more make the bcm SmartStorage attractive to many customers. For customers who want a smart storage system, where full-automatic is not required, the bcm SmartStorage is a good choice.

Our customers receive an effective storage system which is well-organized and dies and printing plates can be combined in almost endless combinations.

semi-automatic single rack storage for printing plates

Product description

This semi-automatic single rack storage for printing plates, with a front-mounted crane, is bcm’s only version of a pure semi-automatic storage system for printing plates. This storage system is perfect to place up against a wall, a WIP-area or close to the machines where the majority of the printing plates are being used. We often see the printing plate storage placed next to the ink kitchen. If you have a small footprint or a free wall area but traffic in the aisle or corridor, this single rack system is very useful. After use, the operator can “park” the crane higher up in the storage to give free passage in front of the storage

The storage structure is built mainly from galvanized steel. The hoist is motor driven with steel-wire and ensures precise positioning and smooth operation, a requirement for the software programs in bcm SmartStorage solutions. The crane and the crane rails are a combination of aluminum, galvanized steel and powder-coated steel.

All bcm SmartStorages have as standard: Remote access devices for on-line support, PC with touchscreen, clear icons for easy operation, database, camera on crane and software-controlled lifting and lowering to avoid any collisions inside the storage. Also incorporated is the needed software for the semi-automatic processes, and it is prepared for multiple options such as “Industry 4.0”, “Report Module” and “ID Tags on all parts”.

When operating the bcm SmartStorage cranes the operator first enters the tools required. Each printing plate is positioned on bcm’s ASP8 profile which contains up to eight printing plates per profile. The printing plates on each ASP8 profile and the printing plates on it must be matched in the customer’s system and then connected into the bcm PC. By entering the tool or profile number on the touchscreen the crane knows exactly where to drive and how to position itself correctly. Thus, when the operator moves the crane manually, he will have the software to tell him when he is in the right position. Only then he can move into the storage and take out the profile with the printing plates needed.

Moving in and out and lifting and lowering is also controlled by the crane software. In this way operator mistakes are eliminated, time is optimized, and the operator cannot damage either storage or tools because the crane’s software is controlling all these movements. For this particular storage system, we always recommend our customers to seriously consider the option: “id tags on all printing plates”. In this way the storage system can ensure that the operator will not hang wrong printing plates on the ASP8 profiles as software will survey each printing plates to ensure accuracy with each ASP8 profile.

This bcm SmartStorage cannot be combined in a storage solution containing dies. The crane for this particular storage system and the software is quite unique and thus cannot be adopted to handling dies too.

The trolleys for the storage are on wheels and designed to contain several ASP8 profiles as standard. The trolleys must be placed in a garage in the storage as this crane type cannot rotate in the aisle. The bcm trolleys are easy to handle and can be pushed by just one person.

Item number: 5030389

  • ​​​​​​​Tools: Printing plates

  • Color:  Traffic Red (RAL 3020)

  • Levels: 2-7​​​​​​​*

  • Height: 3-10 meters

  • No. of racks: ​​​​​​​One single rack only

  • Software options:  Yes (see product data)

  • Automation level: Semi-automatic

*Dependent on the printing plate size

top view of semi-automatic single rack storage for printing plates
end view of semi-automatic single rack storage for printing plates
front view of semi-automatic single rack storage for printing plates

printing plate storage in a semi-automatic system
front view of a printing plate stroage in a semi-autmatic storage system from bcm

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