Stereo profile ASP 8

For the bcm AutoStorages (full-automatic) and bcm SmartStorage (semi-automatic) with stereos or printing plates in the storage, bcm transtech has designed a special profile for the printing plates (flexo stereos or cliché’s as they are also called). This is the ASP8 profile. Each profile can store up to 8 printing plates, designed to fit printing plates with Matthew strips.

For information about waterflow through ASP 8 profiles contact bcm or one of our agents.

bcm designed profile for automation, contains up to 8 printing plates

Product description

Item number: 5033338

The principle of using the ASP8 profile is that the printing plates used for the same jobs are on the same profile. Often the jobs have from one to four printing plates, in rare cases more, and thus there can often be multiple jobs on the same profile. If more jobs are on the same ASP8 profile, and one of these jobs is needed at the production lines, the other printing plates just follow, even if they are not being used.

By means of the software in the bcm control system, the operator can always see if the requested printing plates are in or out of the storage. Thus, locating a specific printing plate, which also has its dedicated and unique location in the storage, is simple.

As an alternative to the automatic systems, bcm also sees some customers buying the ASP8 profile for manual storages, which is indeed also possible. bcm produces trolleys that fit perfectly to the ASP8 profile, with the operator sliding the profile directly into the trolley without any lifting.



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ASP8 profile without wheels and minirail
ASP8 profile inclusive wheels and minirail
ASP 8 profile with minirail attached to a printing plate profile

ASP8 profile used in a bcm smartstorage P1 for printing plates
ASP8 profile used in a bcm smartstorage P1 for printing plates. The ASP profile is also used for the printing plate trolley

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