Primerack PX single level

Our manual flexo stereo storage is the ideal solution when you need a compact storage near the production area that contains your frequently used flexo stereos. The storage consists of a robust and highly customizable rack system with mounted stereo profiles, which can contain either 8, 12, 15, 18 or 21 naturally hanging and well-protected flexo stereos. The type of stereo profile needed depends on how much space you need between each flexo stereo. The ideal setup depends on the flexo stereo’s backing, the operator comfort and the capacity.

Manual printing plate storage

Product description

The stereo profiles can be ordered in aluminum or with a smooth easy-slide surface. In addition, the stereo profiles can be cut to ease the operation when attaching a flexo stereo to the stereo profile. If you combine the storage with our transport trolleys, it is easy to manually slide the flexo stereos onto the transport trolleys for safe and efficient transport between storage and production.


Item number: 5035414

  • Tools:  Printing plates

  • Rows: limitless

  • Height: Adjustable according to size of printing plates to store

  • Automation level: Manual

front view of manual printing plate storage

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