Vision and mission

Vision - "Next generation storage solution"

“It is our aim to always be at the front of the market, ahead of the competition and a relevant and strong partner for our customers. We want to explore and utilize new technologies whenever applicable and relevant. Our customers should expect only the best from us in relation to future oriented and reliable solutions

We will listen to market, observe the trends and react upon this. Our goal is to be the one OEM supplier customers will always contact first within our field of expertise because they know that bcm transtech has something great and relevant to offer.“

Mission - "Care about your name"


Our mission has both internal and external meanings. The core essence is:

External meaning: In everything we do, we care for our customer’s name. This means to us that we see our products and performance as a vital part of our customer’s success and we try our best to act accordingly in everything we do. 

Internal meaning: Every day our employees must perform their work in a way that makes themselves and bcm transtech proud. If we all do so, we can only perform well and be proud of ourselves. This will of course have a positive effect on our surroundings with customers, agents, partners, etc.

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Our history

Starting with storage and logistic solutions in 1976, bcm transtech a/s in Denmark is now a world-wide supplier of storage solutions and handling systems for the packaging industry.


How we operate
Welcome to bcm transtech. The entire bcm team and our dedicated and experienced sales agents are here to help you. Click here and read more about how we work in daily business.


Since 1996 the main focus in bcm transtech has been on the corrugated industry. Additionally, in inspiring solutions for other industries, we have assusted many other companies.