Our History

The beginning

​​​​​​​BCM transtech a/s was founded by Torben Christiansen on the 1st of October 1976. At that time Torben Christiansen was still studying – business high school – so he worked mostly on the weekends. His workshop was at that time just 8 m², and later on extended to 12 m². After this first location the company moved to a cellar underneath a carpentry shop (60 m²) together with a round arch tent (also 60 m²) on a grass field next to the cellar. After this location we moved to a discontinued agricultural property with a floor area of 200 m². In 1987 we built the factory on Industrivej 3, with a total 600 m². In 2012 we built a new industrial hall next to the existing building on Industrivej 3, giving us an extra 1200 m² with a total of 1.800 m².In 2015 we bought Industrivej 60 – almost 5000 m² - and after the renovation of this building, we officially moved from No. 3 to No. 60 on the 1st of October 2017. As of today, bcm transtech is the owner of both buildings and both are active in our production today.

bcm factory located in Denmark
bcm enployee at the bcm factory

Products history before corrugated ​​​​​​​

From 1976 to 1997 the company produced a wide variety of materials and services:

  • Service and repair in the animal feed industry.
  • Machines for fertilizing Christmas trees.
  • Machines to package Christmas trees.
  • Small 3-wheel driven fork lift trucks that could be hung on the back of a lorry.
  • Special truck structures for transporting dead animals and slaughterhouse waste.
  • Special truck structures for transporting beer and soft drinks.
  • Semi-automatic cranes to overhead transport of container tables in green houses.
  • Full automatic depalletizing equipment for use in the printing industry.
  • Motorized sausage carts, mainly for the Polish market.
  • Small flour mills, mainly for the markets in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
  • And many other specially designed equipment for different industries.

The Corrugated Industry

​​​​​​​In 1997 we received our first enquiry from a Danish corrugated factory: “Colon West” in Taulov, now a DS Smith Packaging site. This first storage system was for BOBST 1600 cassettes, 2 levels with a small lifter.

In 1998 we also delivered to “Neopac” in Randers, now a Peterson Site, and “Danapak” in Grenå, now a DS Smith Packaging site. Both of these storage systems utilized T-cranes and cassettes for BOBST 1575, 1600 and 2000 dies in 4 levels.

In 1998 we joined the FEFCO organization as a sympathizer member, and we participated in FEFCO’s 10th Technical Seminar in 1999 in Nice, France.At this seminar we had a spotlight, and we received “The 2nd Prize for Most Innovative Technical Development”, among 51 spotlights in all.More than 100 sympathizer members (suppliers for the corrugated industry) were represented in Nice in 1999, and more or less each second had a spotlight!

Thirty minutes after receiving this award, several agents wanted to represent bcm in different countries:

  • ProPCO from France, Mr. Jean Christophe Lago, who is still our agent in France.
  • CMM (Corrugated Machinery Marketing) from Benelux. Mr. Marcel Termaat began in this company in 2003, and we are still  in cooperation 11 years now with his own company – CorruSystems B.V.
  • Mr. John Harrison from UK. Mr. Harrison finished his activities in the UK some years ago, and he recommended BHS to take over the agency of bcm’s portfolio, with whom we are working today.

The Family Christiansen

​​​​​​​Bcm transtech a/s is a family-owned company. Torben Christiansen ran the company with his brother for some years, which is the reason behind the name bcm (Brothers Christiansen Machinefactory). The word transtech is referring to “transport technologies”. Torben Christiansen’s wife, Mari-Ann Christiansen, has also been active in the company and supported Torben Christiansen all these years. Since 2001 she has taken care of the financial affairs of bcm transtech. 

Today the next generation of family Christiansen is also active in bcm transtech:

  • Jens Christian Christiansen (born 1982) started with bcm transtech on 1st of November 1999 as a blacksmith apprentice, and now his job is COO in bcm. During his career in bcm transtech he has had more or less all jobs and functions. He has also been the driver for many internal processes related to design, IT-systems, prices and quotations, production, etc.
  • Niels Christiansen (born 1988) started with bcm in September 2015 after a career in “Nordea Bank”. Despite being educated in the financial sector, he is very talented within technical matters. Today, Niels Christiansen is working as a technical supervisor during installations as well as performing the installations himself. He is also responsible for our Technical Service at bcm transtech. 

The family Christiansen - mom, dad and their two sons

Growth and perspectives

​​​​​​​Over the years, bcm transtech has had its ups and downs like many other start-ups, especially companies working within industrial projects. Since 1997 bcm transtech has had a large focus on storage solutions for the corrugated industry. Especially for the last 10 years, bcm transtech has experienced a certain stability and growth, all based upon the corrugated industry as the main driver.

In 2015 bcm transtech had 15 employees and, by the end of 2021, this number has grown to 40 employees. In this same time period, the financial numbers have also developed satisfactorily. Since 2013 bcm transtech has been rated AAA (Bisnode).

In the future bcm transtech expects to continue the growth, both in the corrugated industry and in exploring the potential of our smart storage solutions in other industries. Further, bcm transtech has expansion opportunities in other geographical markets compared to those where we are active today.

If you would like further information about bcm transtech a/s, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you for your interest

Torben & Mari-Ann Christiansen, Founders and owners of bcm transtech a/s

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Vision & Mission
With a humble – yet ambitious – approach to our customers, markets and daily business, we are every day trying and giving our best to be the best partner in the market.


Being a part of the packaging industry, a modern design and production company, bcm transtech is constantly searching for solutions to improve our impact on nature.


CSR & Safety
Our biggest asset is our employees and we constantly act with the greatest respect towards each individual, our surroundings, people and businesses we are in contact with every day.